A plot summary of the story of white fang

He was called to White Fang's aide after he attacks Jim Hall, but concludes that White Fang's odds for survival are low. He wrote in a essay entitled "The Other Animals": Scott takes White Fang away with him.

Beauty Smith, seeing the whole thing, approaches Charlie and offers the Indian trader a large sum of money for his dog. Protagonist The protagonist of a story is the main character who traditionally undergoes some sort of change.

Bill wastes those bullets in a futile pursuit of the wolves, which kill and eat him. He is harsh and shows no affection for his dog, but White Fang still displays loyalty toward him out of respect for his superiority. White Fang becomes more and more vicious, encouraged by his master.

The conflict of a plot is the major problem experienced by the protagonist. That night, Charlie changes his mind about the animal when it arrives at his hut barking furiously. The other dogs of the village terrorize White Fang, especially one named Lip-lip.

He breaks into the family home in order to get revenge, but White Fang attacks and kills him. It is at this time that White Fang is separated from his mother who is sold off to another Indian Camp.

She is even less of a factor than her son and still gives White Fang some food when he returns to their camp.

One Eye is killed by a lynx while trying to rob her den for food for the she-wolf and her cub; his mate later discovers his remains near the lynx's den. As a result, they become suspicious, and finally they notice a she-wolf who comes to the camp at night and lures the dogs away.

White Fang kills him after he flees into the woods during a famine. Thus, they are in a desperate situation because they are being pursued by a pack of famished wolves. He runs White Fang and the other puppies on a sledge.

Be the first to contribute! Would you like to merge this question into it? Cherokee is a bulldog that faces White Fang during one of the fights Beauty Smith hosts. Citing an example from White Fang, Roosevelt referred to the fight between the bulldog and the wolfdog "the very sublimity of absurdity.

There at the fort, White Fang becomes famous for his ferocious ability to kill other dogs, and he is sought after by a vicious, ugly man named, ironically, Beauty Smith, who, by using trickery and alcohol, is able to trick Gray Beaver into selling White Fang to him.

And I did this repeatedly, to the clogging of my narrative and in violation of my artistic canons; and I did it in order to hammer into the average human understanding that these dog-heroes of mine were not directed by abstract reasoning, but by instinct, sensation, and emotion, and by simple reasoning.

He does not trust White Fang completely at first until he saves his life from Jim Hall. The cub comes across five Native Americans one day, and the she-wolf comes to his rescue. When Cherokee and White Fang fight, Keenan is somewhat of a passive onlooker, and is not resentful when Weedon Scott breaks up the fight between the two dogs.When Weeden Scott has to return to his home in the Southland (California), he at first intends to leave White Fang behind.

White Fang, however, escapes and sneaks aboard the ship. Scott, therefore, chooses to take the dog along.

White Fang Summary

The novel ends by showing how White Fang learns to exist as a domesticated animal. White Fang begins to kill other dogs, and Grey Beaver encourages his vicious behavior. White Fang’s vicious tendencies bring him to the attention of Beauty Smith, a cruel man who engages in.

Summaries. The wolf dog, White Fang, aids a reporter, a fur trapper, a nun, a young Eskimo boy and his father of ridding a gold mining town of a sleazy crime lord in Yukon, Canada. White Fang kills Hall and is nearly killed himself but survives. As a result, the women of Scott's estate name him "The Blessed Wolf".

The story ends with White Fang relaxing in the sun with the puppies he has fathered with the sheep-dog Collie. Characters.

White Fang

White Fang is the novel's protagonist. He is a wolfdog who was born wild but becomes more dog-like after Grey Beaver domesticates him. White Fang is passed into the hands of Beauty Smith, a monster of a man. He fights other dogs until he meets his match in a bulldog and is saved only by a man named Scott.

Scott tames White Fang and takes him back to California with him. At first it seems like White Fang can't be rehabilitated, but Scott wields the mighty power of a scratch behind the ears and succeeds in taming the wolf.

White Fang knows love for the first time and decides to do everything in his power to protect his new master.

A plot summary of the story of white fang
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