Account of the chicago fire of 1871

There is a scientific basis for the theory, however. The downtown railroad depots were totaled, but not the far more critical rail lines themselves. Choose a specific illustration and cite the corresponding passage in the text. Typical four-story downtown commercial buildings were often a hybrid of brick, stone and iron construction.

It is also very possible that there are many narratives written by foreign-born residents that are not available because they were sent to relatives in Europe and never made it back to this country.

Having told him where we wanted to go, he begged us to get into his wagon, which we did most willingly and rode in state. Several attempts had been made to set this part of the city on fire, even in our own house.

Chicago is also known for interesting architecture like the Sears Towermany museums, and many loyal sports fans.

Great Chicago Fire

When a firestorm erupts in a forest, it is a blowup, nature's nuclear explosion The scene was grand and terrible beyond description. The Board of Trade was among several commercial exchanges. There was an ever-increasing influx of people, money, goods, and information. Louis as the fourth-largest city in America and sat poised to become a major player on the international scene.

Peshtigo Fire

Gone, too, were countless trees, shrubs, and flowering plants in "the Garden City of the West. The city was in so much confusion that we had a guard of soldiers to keep order round our house.

To those who have seen, the picture needs no painting. InJane Addams had built the first Hull house in Chicago for children and the poor. By the time firefighters arrived, the fire was already raging out of control.

Here comes a steamer! The diameter of such a fire ranges from one thousand to ten thousand feet Father often expressed regret that he did not take the little tabernacle key. Daley became one of the most powerful and well known Democrats in the country. The fire had originated two miles south of the city, on the lake shore.

He was later re-elected, but died of a heart attack. The stones near the top of the tower are still blackened from the soot and smoke. No descriptions can give a true idea of the rapidity with which it passed from block to block; the whirling, about of the blazing wood by an irresistible wind; the crowd hurrying along, they hardly knew whither, only to be out of the reach of the hungry flames, in some reason being dethroned by the appalling catastrophe; all this and much more would have to be seen, to be realized!

Louis on her way home from California hearing of the distress and sufferings of the City, hastened to our relief bringing with her cooked food of every description, fearing that her poor children were in want of everything; but not so; through Divine Providence and the kindness of our gentlemen friends, we had an abundance.

It had just passed St. Daley, became the mayor of Chicago. But the eyewitness narratives also have inherent limitations.The fire of October might have been a blessing in disguise for a city that wanted badly to be a player on the international cultural scene.

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois, USA and the county seat of Cook is the third largest city in the United States, although it used to be the second largest. Chicago is next to one of the five Great Lakes, Lake the census, almost 2, people lived there, with six million more people living nearby.

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Chicago History Timeline

The story of the Great Chicago Fire of isn't really about the fire. It's about what happened next: A remarkable moment when the most brilliant engineers, architects and inventors came together to build a new city. This is a love story set in Chicago inwhen the great fire burned most of the city.

The two main characters, Katina and Russell, are wonderful. The Great Chicago Fire first entered the web of memory through the senses of those who experienced it first-hand--who gaped at its brilliance, choked on its smoke, shuddered at.

“A sky of flame, of smoke a heavenful, the earth a mass of burning coals, the mighty trees, all works of man between and living things trembling as a child before a demon in the gale.

To those who have seen, the picture needs no painting.” -a history of Sanilac County The Chicago Fire of [ ].

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Account of the chicago fire of 1871
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